The project: individualised, challenging and exciting. A sense of inquisitiveness when it comes to brand and marketing vision, needs and issues. Solutions developed during the project. Clear analyses, structured approaches and a passion for details go hand in hand with vision, creativity, new perspectives and inter-disciplinary thinking. The project: the Rock ‘n’ Roll of creativity.

We will change your world … with marketing.

Your project will become ours. Here's how it works:

Learn to understand the project

timeline_verstehenAnalysis & Consulting

Get an idea of your starting position. Different analyses yield a comprehensive picture. The perceptions of the market environment, the competition and the matching target groups. Our Tools can help. We find potential, create unique selling points and love to achieve common goals and quantifiably execute them.

We begin to like the project

timeline_insherzStrategy & branding

Maybe your brand thrives on emotions. If you are in your customers’ hearts, they will never leave you. They want you to notice them and meet their needs. Building up a brand’s image is our passion. If you wish, we can help you develop your brand mission, discuss short-term and long-term goals and outline a clearly structured strategy.

We take on the project


The goal: your customers know you, respect you, like you and maybe even love you (ok, maybe that’s going too far). There are always options. Important: a creative communication concept. Among other things, this includes your visual imagery and tone, the communication channels of your customers, theme planning and a well thought out editorial plan (implementation plan) – tailor-made to your brand and the predetermined target group. Maybe we can find out where your customers are, what content they expect and together we can take on the design and execution of the tasks at hand. #Sparring

It is starting to get exciting. The production.

timeline_praesentierenOnline & offline campaigns

Campaigns are our way of communicating with your customers. If they are unconventional and creative, they will direct attention to your company and products, seduce potential customers to begin interaction and deliver new impetus for good storytelling again and again. Your campaigns work offline and online. Surprises on the street and in the internet with awareness events, participatory campaigns, sweepstakes and much more. Imagination knows no boundaries.

The production is up and running. The final act: sustainability

timeline_auffindenExecution & technology

Our intellectual efforts serve one goal: to have creative and well paid fun in bringing you together with your customers (we are couplers!), to create the necessary infrastructure for your project and to open media channels. No matter what aspect of production. Whether website, (online) shop, Facebook page or Twitter account. Programming, designing and advising. We love designing, editing, filming, taking photos and producing podcasts. Display campaigns just as well as landing pages. Search engine marketing reflects our activities by having a fantastic Google ranking! At the end of the party, we evaluate the processes used with comprehensive evaluation tools and look forward to hearing from you again.


Project steps

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    STEP 1


    Situation analysis is made up of market & product analysis, unique selling points, a target group analysis that above all appraises the needs of the target group and their communication behaviour. Based on these analyses, realistic goals are defined for the project’s time frame.

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    STEP 2


    Branding. The analysis sets the framework of brand identity. 4 key questions are to be answered: use of the brand – what added value (in terms of the target group) does the brand offer? Brand tone – how is the added value communicated (channels)? Brand attributes – what is the added value (unique selling point)? Brand image – how can the brand be established (sustainability)?

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    STEP 3


    Based on the evaluated topics, goals for promoting the brand are defined. It will be determined which milestones are to be achieved in a specific time frame and which target groups should be in focus. Among other things, priorities are placed on stepping stones such as “promoting recognition”, “building trust”, “acquiring new customers”, “customer maintenance” etc.

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    STEP 4


    The operating implementation plan includes specific marketing activities both online and offline; communication channels are defined and the execution plan is drawn up. A corporate identity & a creative concept is drafted so that the overall image all fits together.

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    STEP 5


    Using the plan drafted, the brand instruments themselves are produced and published (active media planning and realisation). All activities are reviewed monthly for their effectiveness and adjusted if needed.

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